Dunlop Heavy Core 10/60 Heavy Hybrid Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

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Dunlop Heavy Core Strings are made with great pride in Benicia, California and specially designed for the player that plays in dropped or lowered tunings.

Heavy Core strings are for those players who tune down and dig in. With carefully selected core-wrap ratios, we craft these strings to have the feel and tonal definition of standard tuning even when dropping below E. That means you can play with your natural attack while retaining a tight low end, focused midrange, and smooth top end. Performance is everything.

String Gauges: .010, .013, .017, .036, .052, .060

The Dunlop Story

As with everything we make, we started from scratch and designed Dunlop Strings from the ground up to fit our vision of what a string should be. Each of our formulas is developed with on-the-road feedback from some of the greatest players in the world. At our headquarters in Benicia, California, we take a hands-on approach, running our machines at a slower pace and producing smaller batches, which allows us much more control at every step of the process. We also seal them in a protective bag for freshness and longevity. Every set of Dunlop Strings is the result of our obsession with details, which is ultimately an obsession with quality, consistency, and serving your needs as a player.

Inside each pack of Dunlop Strings is more than 50 years of deep knowledge and experience gained from working with guitar players to further their playing experience.

Made in the USA.


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