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Here at Guitar World Music Tuition we offer a new and fun way or learning. We believe that it is not necessary to read and write a language in order to speak it. Music is a language that can be learnt and enjoyed without the many years of intense musical theory training. Discover the use of patterns and shapes.

Throw away the idea that you don't have a musical bone in your body, because we can find it. Did you know that learning a musical instrument can improve learning awareness? It can also have theraputic results. For those who want a little more, we offer a full musical theory and notation education.

At Guitar World Music Tuition, we:

  • Use music examples from today's relevant music styles (Rock, Pop, Metal, Punk, Grunge, Country)
  • Practice programs to improve your playing techniques/performance
  • Instruct on rhythm playing, improvisation
  • Teach Chords, Scales, Modes 
  • Teach all techniques from beginner to advance levels (Bending, Sliding, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Sweep Picking, Tapping, Harmonics)
  • Also use a fully functional computer based multitrack recording system, which includes creating backing tracks to suit your level of playing.
  • Our teachers are ear trained so you can even bring in your iPod, Mp3 Player, Mobile Phone or your favourite CD and learn the songs you like!


Remember music is a gift so keep sharing it! Give us a call or come in store and ask our friendly staff about the lesson programs we offer today.

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If you are interested in lessons, head to the Contact Us page, fill out your details and we will respond to you as soon as possible.