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Cherub Drum Trainer


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Cherub WRW-206 Drum Trainer


Compact drum trainer/metronome with easy to operate user-friendly interface that provides multiple metronome sounds, including one group of drum-set sounds, and mixing function that allows creating of user’s own, original rhythm styles. Loop play function further allows setting of created rhythm styles and playing them for a specified number of times (1-99). All user settings are in store in memory with capacity of 30 presets. Metronome function provides tempo range of 30-250 bpm. Device is equipped with large, easy-to-read display and wide range of controls, and powered by 9 V batteries or DC 9 V.


  • Memories: 50 groups
  • Beat: 1~8, 1+1 ~8+8
  • Rhythm: ref to the user manaul
  • Pattern: 1~30 factory preset, 31~50 user presets
  • Tempo Range: 30~250
  • Loop Group: 1~16
  • Loop Times: 0~99
  • Loop Style: 1~8
  • Power: DC 9V or 6LR61 battery
  • Dimensions: 120 x 36 x 160 mm.
  • Weight: 310g