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One turn equals one tone on every string. Diecast housing with hardened gears. Locking wheel for fast string changes. 12 to 1 - 39 to 1 gear ratio. Small contemporary buttons. Includes 4 different sets of InvisoMatch aluminium mounting plates for easy installation. Singles. 7-in-line.

The PRL-8721-C7 is a right-handed sets of Locking RATIO® Calibrated Machine Heads for electric guitar that use 7-in-line tuners.

It has a two pin casing that can be used as is, or with our Patented InvisoMatch Mounting Plates [opens in new tab].

4 different sets of InvisoMatch mounting plates in brushed aluminum are included to make installation on most guitars fast and accurate by using your existing screw mounting holes.

Gear ratio: unique for each string position - one turn-one tone
Peg holes diameter required: 13/32" (10mm)
String post diameter: 0.236" (6mm)
String post length to string hole: 0.910” (23mm)
Weight per single machine head: 0.083lbs (38g)
Weight per set: 0.581lbs (266g)
String diameter up to 72 gauge
Includes 7 machine heads, mounting screws and bushings
Includes complimentary 4 sets of aluminum mounting plates