TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor/Limiter/Sustain Pedal (Trade In/Pre-Owned)

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Trade-In TC F/field
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TC Electronic FORCEFIELD Compressor/Limiter/Sustain Pedal - TRADE IN/PRE-OWNED

Classic Compressor/Limiter Pedal with Endless Sustain

The TC Electronic Compressor provides all the sweet vintage dynamics control that the legends of rock ‘n’ roll and country music were built on. From the subtle sustain enhancement that gently boosts a sweet, but softly played interlude or blues passage, to the full-on hard-knee compression that makes your guitar pop in the mix – you’ll find it all and more!

All-Analog Awesomeness

By its very nature, compression is one of the most difficult effects to explain, but here goes… By controlling the maximum level of a signal, a compressor limits the dynamic range, while maintaining a higher average loudness. You can use compression to: reduce really loud passages; or bring up the level of the most-subtle nuance – and sustain it for days. You often feel compression more than you hear it, and when applied properly, it can either be sweet and smooth, or tight and punchy. TC Electronic Forcefield's vintage circuit design lets you tap into everything from the sweet sag of a tube amplifier, to the unapologetic smack of a sledgehammer!

Old-School Feel

Vintage analog compression differs greatly from modern studio compression. Instead of the ultra-glassy transparency of high-end rack gear, you get generous gobs of warmth and the smooth tonal characteristic that has shaped the sound of rock and country music from their early beginnings. From sublime, bluesy sustain of classic rock, to the snap of country chicken-pickin’ that pops out of the mix beautifully – you get it all!


PRE-OWNED This pedal is pre-owned, in good condition. Call us on (02) 4626 6876 or visit us in-store at Shop 25-26 City Arcade 156-166 Queen Street, Campbelltown, NSW, 2560 to inspect for yourself! All trade-in products are checked and come with three months warranty.